Ciology 1500mg Full Spectrum CBD Oil 30ml

Ciology 1500mg Full Spectrum CBD Oil 30ml

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Ciology is proud to offer an array of fine quality 100% natural CBD oils. With EU grown hemp and sophisticated modern extraction techniques, they produce what they believe is the gold standard of CBD oils in the UK. The hemp is organically cultivated by experts and is harvested at the best time for CBD concentration. The whole growth and extraction process is EU compliant, from seeding and plant growth through to shelf and sales, they maintain an exceptional level of quality and level of clarity which makes them an extremely trustworthy supplier of CBD products.

Ciology prides itself on it's testing protocols. Each and every batch of CBD oil is tested extensively – trust and transparency are at the core of the brand and they strive to go the extra mile when testing their products. They maintain their own rigorous internal testing and quality control processes but they also send their CBD oil to be tested externally in third-party laboratories. This further enhances the product’s trust and reputation.

Ciology CBD oil UK is entirely 100% natural and additive-free and is free from addictive solvents, wax, fats and other unwanted or harmful agents. Thanks to their innovative supercritical CO2 extraction methods, their Hemp CBD oil is also completely free from microbes, e.g. bacteria and fungus/mould.

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