Equilibrium 187.5mg CBD Organic Raw Acacia Honey 125g

Equilibrium 187.5mg CBD Organic Raw Acacia Honey 125g

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CBD honey is a potent combination. When you combine our high-quality CBD extracts, with These premium grade certified organic raw Hungarian acacia honey, well then you have something truly special. The Pannonian Basin were honey originates has a unique climate and acacia forests expand to large areas, and within which nothing else is blooming at the same time. This makes the Hungarian Acacia Honey totally pure.

It crystallises slowly, 1-2 years after being extracted. Acacia honey has a relatively low glycemic index, therefore it is more suited for those who can be sensitive to sugar for different reasons. It’s capacity to remain in a liquid state for a long time, combined with its light colour, give it a beautiful appearance.

Equilibrium CBD honey has an obtrusive taste and you can consume greater amounts without feeling sick which typically comes with other types of honey. Great honey for mixing with hot drinks and will not overpower the overall taste.

- 187.5mg CBD
- 125g Jar

This is delicious honey with great benefits, try not to eat the jar in one sitting 

Raw Hungarian Acacia Honey
Infused with full-spectrum hemp extract containing 187.5mg CBD per jar
Net Weight 125g

Typical values per 100g;
Energy 1491kj/351kcal; Fat < 0.5g of which saturates 0.1g;
Carbohydrates 87.6g of which sugars 64.2g; Fibres < 0.5g;
Protein < 0.1g; Salt < 0.025g

Take 1-2 teaspoons daily as required. Do not exceed 20 teaspoons per day
Each teaspoon contains circa 4.2g of honey with 6.3mg CBD